Criminal Law


In Texas crimes are divided generally into two categories of felonies and misdemeanors, with felony crimes being the more serious crimes. From there felony crimes are categorized by the nature of the crime from State Jail Felonies all the way up to 1st Degree and Capital Felonies. A person’s past felony history can also affect the amount of punishment they may be facing. For someone accused of a felony in Texas they could be facing as little as 6 months in a State Jail Facility all the up to life in the Texas Department of Corrections, commonly referred to as the Pen. When facing a felony crime, it is imperative to seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney. Read below for a discussion of felony crimes in more detail.



In Texas, crimes are divided into certain categories which determine both the jurisdiction as to where the crime will be heard as well as the available range of punishment. The biggest distinction is between felony crimes and misdemeanor crimes. Misdemeanor crimes can be of the Class A, B, or C variety. Class C misdemeanors are handled at the Municipal level while Class A and B Misdemeanors are handled at the County level, with a few exceptions.